How To Stop A Lady From Asking You For Money (Guys Take Note)


Ladies are special kinds of human beings hence treating them with utmost care and importance is essential only if you want keep them.

As a gentleman, you should be very nice and polite to girls if you want to be identified as the ladies man. However, being too nice can be detrimental to your financial stability.

There are a lot of guys who have done all they could to please their better halfs only to get disappointed in the long run.

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Naturally, ladies love money just as men love the pü[email protected]ī. In view of this fact, there are some ladies who will never ask you for money but expect to shower it on them every now and then.

In a situation where you find yourself with a lady who constantly ask you for money at the least chance, there are some smart attitudes you can exhibit to prevent that girl from becoming a chronic borrower from you.

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The first thing is to try to support her financially by advising her to set her own business with the amounts you give her. Doing this will eventually make her financially stable so she can fend for herself and stop asking you for money.

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One other thing you can do is to give her the impression you are not as rich as she thinks.

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Never give a lady the impression you are br0ke. Equally, never give her impression you have excessive amount of money that she can benefit from. Doing this will compel her to always turn to you for help the moment she goes through a little financial hardship.


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