How To Transfer Airtime From MTN To MTN


Getting your phone recharged for airtime is one of the most simple operations on the MTN network.

Basically, it’s meant to be only operation that is less tedious because of the less amount of stress required to get it done.

Many people are conversant with the procedure involved in getting it easy to make mobile money transfers simply because it requires the transfer of some form of monetary value.

However, there is less idea on how to send airtime or internet bundle from one MTN user to the other without having to go through the stress of moving to a vendor for assistance.

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It’s one major reason why this article is here for you. If you constantly move to mobile money vendors or MTN network service providers to get this simple procedure done then this sit back while I take you through some easy ways on getting yourself abreast with the procedure of sending money.

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The first thing you need to do is dial the short code *170#. After pressing send, you will be required to select from the option whether you wish to select purchase airtime or internet bundle.

If you would like to purchase airtime, Select option 3, then press send. Another new list of options will pop up requesting to know if you want to send the airtime to yourself or to another MTN network.

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All you need to do her is to select the second options for others. Afterwards, you will be required to enter the amount you want to be transferred. After entering the amount and pressing send.

The last option will demand that you enter your Mobile Money PIN in order to give your network service provider the opportunity to deduct the amount of airtime you are sending from mobile money wallet to the one at the receiving end.


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