How To Write An Excellent Application Letter


As a job applicant, there are so many things you need to be abreast with if you want an employer to by pass other application letters to settle for yours.

You could be one of the most experienced workers to apply for the job in question but be disqualified even before you are given the chance to appear before your employer.

This is one major reason why you should make it to submit an impressive application letter.

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In this particular article, I will be educating readers on the qualities of an excellent application letter.

1. Avoid Laying Too Much Emphasis On Your Personal Description At The Introduction

Gone are the days when one had to describe into detail his or her personal outlook and character at the Introductory part of his or her application letter.

Currently, all you need to do is an extremely brief introduction about your Intentions of writing a letter, then you go straight to the point.

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Never try to make your introduction so lengthy that no one gets a clue of what your application really talks about.

2. Excessive Vocabulary

Remember the employer has a lot of application letters to scrutinize and shortlist.

The moment you begin to bombard the reviewer with massive vocabulary, you only give him the chance to stop reading your application and skip to the next applicant.

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Always remember to be keep it simple because you are not the only one applying.

3. Always Give The Reader A Reason To Call You

In the body of your application letter, try to compel the reader to have some form of contact or easy way of communicating you with either an easily memorable telephone number or location or address.

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Remember the moment your application gives the reader directions to whereabouts, the easier you are shortlisted and called.


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