I Believe Serwaa Broni Because Old Men Like Nana Addo & I Have Strong S£[email protected] Urge – Oboy Siki Gives Reason For Statement; Check Details


The widely recognized Kumawood actor has stated that, anyone who is conversant with the s£[email protected] habits of old men like his sort and that of Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo-Addo will not have doubts concerning any allegations leveled by Serwaa Broni against the President.

According to the actor named ‘Oboy Siki’, old men who are in the early and late 70s have high taste for pü$$y. In relation to this assertion of his, he said he isn’t amused Nana Addo is following his footsteps when it comes to [email protected]!z!ng.

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In a recent disclosure made Oboy Siki, he took pride in saying Nana Addo is copying his attitude of getting along with lots of ladies romantically.

As part of adding to the claims of Serwaa Broni in regards to having an affair with Nana Addo, he chided the media for staying mute on the Nana Addo-Serwaa Broni saga over the fright of losing their jobs as media personalities.

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He stated point blank old men like him love $.3x a lot because it keeps them in a relaxed mood and makes them feel young and active.


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