I Want To Travel Abroad – Bella Of Date Rush


At the moment, almost every Ghanaian youth has become familiar with one television show(date rush) that is not only gaining massive popularity in the entertainment scene, but also changing the lives of some personalities who appear on the show.

There are numerous contestants who partake in this dating program and automatically become celebrities after they get a date.

One of them is Bella. She possesses a high level of beauty that will make every guy go crazy for her.

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Recent trends that have emerged from her social media posts is one thing that has always kept her thoughts running through the minds of netizens.

In a recent picture shared on her official Instagram page, she made a disclosure that I feel everybody should get to know of.

She was seated at a nice unknown location, enjoying the breeze and exhibiting some lady poses as usual.

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One thing that caught my attention was the caption beneath her picture.

Let me quote what was written under the photo once again. “I want to travel abroad la I don’t deserve to be in this hot weather, so help me God”.

The words she spelt out will mean nothing to some people. However, I think she is really serious with what she said.

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In my opinion, I feel Bella is seriously bored with the recent tribulations she has been through and probably needs a change of environment.

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It could also be she wants to move to a foreign land because of her skin tone as she claims.

Whatever the case may be, it is up to her to make a decision on what she wants to do with her life.

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