I will sponsor any man who will marry me and pay him Ghc10,000 monthly under these conditions (Fiction)


*I Will Sponsor Any Man To Marry Me And Pay Him GHS10,000 Monthly But On Conditions That…[FICTION]*

I will sponsor any man to marry me and pay him GHS10,000 monthly but on conditions that…Read on!
Is it a hard thing for a woman to approach a man and propose love to him in this contemporary world? Our culture frowns on marriage proposal from a woman but it is equally good that women become honest with men when it comes to the choice of love. In my opinion, a woman looking for richness before she can accept a guy’s proposal is something that’s just in the mindset.
Every rich man looks for someone to partner with and who can in turn improves his ability to succeed. Men’s choice of marriage are geared towards a woman who can entertain them and their children, a woman who can keep his household in good order and very efficient, a woman who can help him reason, relax and can confide all his secrets in her.
A man’s wife becomes the single most important emotional, spiritual and financial investment he will ever make in his entire life. However, the tables have turned upside down and the norms in the society are fading away at a swift speed. Nowadays, men also tend to look for women who are rich to partner with.
This is the main reason why most of the women who find it difficult to get a husband at a certain age throw in the towel and offer their proposal letters to men. But marrying into money isn’t that much difficult than making your own money?
A man really needs to consider what he can offer in marriage before marrying to a rich woman, and trust me, the kind of rich person who marries his social inferiors is not the kind of rich person you want to be married to.
A good number of people say that the easiest way to get into places with a lot of rich people, and be welcomed into the social circles of the rich, is to get rich yourself. I think I opine with them. One thing you should know is, who you want to marry and why you want to marry is a personal choice. No amount of money in this world can buy a true love.
Nothing in this life is easy and nothing is for free either. Anything worth getting takes hard work and you will have failures along the way too.
With that said, let’s consider some pros and cons of accepting a rich woman’s proposal.
Pros and Cons
To be honest, there are almost no pros unless you are hardworking, intelligent and extremely loyal because there is no way you can impress her unless you have some solid qualities which she can see you as an investment.
Her life will crush you and in the long run, you will start to consider other alternatives.
1. Marrying a very rich lady puts you in luxury, but takes one thing from you, ‘control’. Women like being in control especially, when they know there is something you stand to benefit from them. Notwithstanding, there are also a good number of ladies out there who are rich but equally good. Whatever good the richness will offer you, will surely vanish from happiness and joy of life as money and material can give only short term engagement.
2. You stand the chance of getting cars, servants and obviously big connections.
1. You will feel like a ball of cricket in her presence
2. If you need divorce you will not get even half of her properties
In keeping my readers focused on the above subject, there is a beautiful lady by name Posh who has a lot of money, houses, cars and nice body contours. This woman is of age and still single. She has combed every breadth and width of the vicinity she lives for a husband but to no avail. She has now turned to social media and wants to sponsor any man who may fall in love with her to marry. She would like to personally sponsor that luckiest man and pays him GHS10,000 monthly but on conditions that:
Picture used for illustrative purpose

  1. 1. He will cook in the house, wash all dishes and clothes when the need arises.
    2. He will stay indoors all the time
    3. He will only have affair with her as and when she needs it
    4. He will not make calls in her presence
    5. He will adhere to all her guidelines and may end up in jail if he happens to pick a fight with her.
    If you agree to all the above terms and conditions, kindly reach out for the deal. Readers, kindly leave your comments in the box and let’s see who wins her heart.
    Kindly follow and share for more updates. Cheers!
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