If You See Dogs In This Way Don’t Separate Them, This Is What It Means



I remember when we were kids, whenever we see two dogs in such posture, we begin to pelt stones at them, little did we know it was a vital part of the dog mating process. The situation is far from being an anomaly as most of us think, however it is vitally necessary for reproduction among dog breeds.

The situation is called a copulating tie and it happens when a male dog organ called the bulbus glandis, swells and get locked in the female. The tie ensures that, the semen from the male dogs is trapped or held in the female dog, increasing the chances of a female dog getting pregnant. The stuck normally last from 5 minutes or more so it’s no coincidence you see them stuck by the roadside or stray areas for a longtime.

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However, according to scientists, the tie is likely to unlock faster if the dogs remain calm. Once they calm down after the tie, the bulbus glandis relaxes and the animals are now free to separate. So you realise once you begin to pelt stones at them( when we were kids) they struggle to break away and unlocks faster than both dogs standing comfortably and waiting for the tie to unlock.

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This is basically why you spot dogs stuck in such position. Dogs remain one of the common domestic animals you can find in almost every home. There exists several dog breeds including the Bulldog, German Shepherd, Labrador retriever, Chihuahua and the Siberian Husky and they all experience the copulating tie.

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