Imagine Nana Addo With Hair On His Head – Photoshop Artist Makes This Possible (Photo)


Imagine Nana Addo With Hair On His Head – Photoshop Artist Makes This Possible (Photo)

Ghanaians have a great and undoubtedly high and undefeated sense of humour. It will surprise you how someone can make a joke out a very serious situation. But all these are necessary. Well, today’s item of humour has turned to our own president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. Ever since I have known him, I haven’t seen Nana Addo With Hair on his head. He is bald and we all know that. As to whether he is bald by heredity or some genetic condition, or even by choice, I cannot tell. All we know is that he is bald.

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As such, it will be a surprise to see the president with hair on his head. Just imagining it is something else. Jokingly, some people have even used the president’s ‘bald’ state to make statements. For example, someone can say “I will pay you back when Nana Addo grows hair on his head”. Well, if you have ever made any such statement, be ready to keep to your promise.

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A Photoshop artist has beautifully and wonderfully ‘grown’ hair on the head of the president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. And the results are interesting. We have always wondered how he would look like with hair on his head. Well, dream and imagine no more. Here, in this picture, he is captured with an amazing haircut.

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What is more, he has also been given an ear bud to make him look ‘cool’. This would have been a sight to behold if it were real.

What do you think of this creative work of art? And how would you describe the president’s photoshopped new looks? Share and let’s have some fun.


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