Is It Food Of Life? – The Price Of This Food Has Got Social Media Users Screaming


Is It Food Of Life? – The Price Of This Food Has Got Social Media Users Screaming

Food is an essential part of life and inasmuch as we are always advised to eat from home, it is inevitable that one may have to buy food from some other places at times. This is why we have food joints like restaurants, chop bars, and even the sellers by the roadside. But by the fact that this is ‘easy’ or ‘already made’ food, it needs to be bought and paid for. We pay for the ingredients used, the workmanship, and sometimes even the packaging. These all go into the price of food. But the price of some foods just don’t add up.

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This is a similar case I’m presenting to you today. I woke up to see some complains on Twitter and I decided to check it out. I believe we all know the popular noodles ‘Indomie’. It is perhaps the most popular good among the youth these days. No wonder we sometimes refer to them as the indomie generation. People sell these noodles in restaurants and even kiosks. Each with its own price. It is one of the cheapest foods you can buy but when you buy an already prepared one, you may cry.

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Apparently, a food joint is selling a bowl of indomie for a price above 100 cedis. A Twitter user claims that if it is sold without beef, it is 95 cedis but of one wants it with beef, it is an additional 75 cedis. Meaning a bowl of indomie can cost 170 cedis at this food joint.

People with similar experiences also reacted to this:

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Well, there’s a lot to ask. One indomie pack costs 1 cedi 30 pesewas. So how and what else add up to make it 100 cedis. What was it made with? Will you not go hungry again after eating it? Is it the food of life? Hmm, so many questions. But so many people can afford it. The rich may not mind buying it for even 500 cedis.

So have you had any such experience? Share and let us know. Where was it and how much was the food?


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