It’s A Cürse To F!ñgêr A Lady And Smell Your Hand – Prophet Kwabena Asiamah (Ajagurajah) Reveals Deep Secret; Check Details


The leader and frontliner of the widely recognized Ajagurajah movement has provided some information on things a man shouldn’t do while making love to his partner.

According to Prophet Kwabena Asiamah, it’s not right for a guy to f!ñger a lady and right away move his fingers close to his nose to smell.

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He reiterated that, doing this subconsciously in the presence of the lady even when she doesn’t notice it is a cür$e and it works against the guy practicing such an act.

Explaining further, he made it clear smelling the fingers to see if the lady’s [email protected]!na stinks is a way of indirectly telling giving her the impression her natural food is smelling and that’s a huge sign of disrespect both physically and spìrìtually.

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Per his narration, this act brings cür$es onto the man trying to smell his fingers and it affects his life spìrìtually.


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