Jesus Had A Girlfr!€nd, He Had Children With Her While In Jerusalem – Popular Ghanaian Prophetess Reveals D€€p Secret; See Full Story


A Ghanaian Prophetess who goes by the name Dora Ibrahim has made some serious allegations at the son of God. In a recent video sighted by Tapnewsgh, she stated that Jesus had a girlfr!€nd during his youthful days on Earth.

According to the Prophetess, Mary Magdalene was his girlfriend. She went on to say that Jesus worked as a bus conductor, an occupation that is popularly known in Ghana as a “Trotro Mate”, while he lived in Jerusalem.

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Furthermore, the Prophetess revealed that there are so many things that have been hidden from the Bible and as such it takes Bible school to unravel such confined secrets. She moved further saying Jesus had a secret relationship with Mary Magdalene and had children with her while they lived in Jerusalem.

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To make his assertion emphatic, she challenged any Bible scholar to dispute her claims and added that she is ready to prove her allegations with proof from the Bible.


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