Just In: Dede Ayew’s 7-Year-Old Daughter Who [email protected] After Penalty Miss Responding To Treatment; See Full Details


News trooping in indicates the seven-year old daughter of Andre Dede Ayew [email protected] upon seeing his father miss an all important penalty kick against Uruguay.

The incident which was reported yesterday came as an unfortunate incident after the daughter of Ghana’s captain passed out upon witnessing such a heartbreaking situation at the ongoing World Cup tournament.

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After the unanticipated penalty miss, Ghanaians have been on the neck of Dede for disappointing fans at such a crucial moment in the tournament.

As it stands now, Dede Ayew’s daughter is responding to treatment and hopefully it is expected that she will recover from the sh0ck after a few days to ensure his father comes back to meet her in a healthy mood.

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