Just In: Electoral Commission To Delete 17 Political Parties From Their System; See Names And Reason


The Electoral Commission of Ghana has listed seventeen political parties who have no regional and national presence and as such risk losing their registration.

In relation to this development, the Electoral Commission has given these political parties to Thursday, 20 October 2022 to proof on why their registration shouldn’t be cancelled under the Political Parties Act 2000, Act 574.

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Parties that risk losing their registration as legitimate political parties in Ghana include the United Front Party(UFP), United Progressive Party (UPP), Democratic Freedom Party(DFP), National Reform Party(NRP), The Reform Patriotic Democrats (RPD), just to mention a few.

If the aforementioned political parties by anyway fail to provide evidence of their registration, the EC will have no option than to cancel their registration as political parties in alignment to the fact that these parties don’t have any regional or National office.

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