Just In: FIFA Increases Africa’s World Cup Qualification Slot; See Number Of African Teams That Will Be Allowed To Participate In The 2026 World Cup


The FIFA governing board has considered and approved proposals to increase the number of slots for Africa as far as World Cup participation is concerned.

This decision was taken after Morroco made history by becoming the first African country to get to the semifinal stage of the competition by beating Portugal in yesterday’s World Cup fixture.

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Per the new development, FIFA was supposed to increase the number of participants to a 48 team competition with Africa having nine slots for qualification.

However, Morroco’s qualification to the semifinals of the ongoing World Cup tournament has changed situations compelling FIFA to increase the slots to 11 in the 2026 World Cup.

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Among the 11 slots, there will be nine permanent slots, one via play-offs and an extra one slot because Morroco reached the semifinals stage of the competition.


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