Just In: Government To Tax Betting And Gaming Companies; See When And Why


As we speak, betting sites have become rampant to the extent that numerous young men and even women have started resorting to it to make a living for themselves.

Nowadays, moving to a betting or gaming center is not widely recognized like it used to be. This is simply because these betting companies have thought it wise to introduce more convenient avenues through which they place their bets without having to walk all the way to these betting shops.

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In relation to this, online betting platforms were made accessible by all betting enthusiasts to enable them place their bets from the comfort of their homes.

Well, looking at the intention of the current Nana led administration to go digital with its diverse monetary transactions, a disclosure has been to consider levying revenue generated from betting activities.

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According to recent information gathered by Tapnewsgh, betting companies across the country will be taxed starting from Friday April 1 2022.

Though much has not been said about this tax imposition, it’s possible there will be more clarification on the initiative that is yet to be implemented in a few days to come.

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