Just In: Lyrical Joe Uses Amerado’s Album Tracklist To Compose A New D!ss Song For Him In Less Than 3 Hours (Watch Video)

The current best rapper according to the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards seem to be extremely engulfed in the recent b€€f that has taken over the airwaves faster than expected.
In the newly released d!ss song in response to the reply song released by Amerado two hours ago, Lyrical Joe got creative at a point where he used the titles of Amerado’s recently released album to d!smantle him on the beat.
Inferring from the creative writing used by Lyrical Joe, it’s safe to say he is actually ready to face Amerado till the end of this trending b€€f.
Below is a video of Lyrical Joe’s well composed response to Amerado’s Lyrical Josephine d!ss song.
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