Kaywa Condemns Akrobeto’s Mockery Of Moesha Boduong’s Repentance


Seasoned and award-winning music producer, Kaywa has taken to social media to express how seriously saddened he is.

He is seriously saddened by what he terms as the mockery of Moesha Boduong’s decision to repent and give her life to Christ.

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And this is based on a footage from Akrobeto’s Real News on UTV, which captures Moesha Buodoung in church talking about her repentance and the Holy spirit manifesting in a lady at the church.

According to Kaywa , when one person repents , there is joy in Heaven and therefore he finds it difficult to understand why one would have to laugh over Moesha Boduong’s Repentance.

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He further asked who has the power to judge someone’s salvation adding that people need to be careful.

Kaywa also took the opportunity to tell Moesha Boduong that Jesus Christ is very proud of her and that she should always remember that she has made the Best decision for her soul.


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