Khophi Yorm Never Ch0pp£d Me, He Couldn’t Even L!çk Me – Shalsha Of Date Rush Reveals; See Full Story


Shalsha Banks of date rush season seven fame has come out to dispute claims that her date had any form s£[email protected] affair with her.

According to the 31-year-old date rush season seven contestant, her partner has been going round spreading fake news with indications he has had s.£x with her and that is one fallacious revelation she knows holds no substance.

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Per her narration, Khophi sl€pt in the same room with her one night when they both went for a program in the Volta region but nothing s€[email protected] happened during the night.

Explaining further, she confessed her date wasn’t able to have s.£x with her because he couldn’t l.!ck her like she demanded before the actual action could take place.

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