King James Bible Download


The new King James version has become one of the most common and widely recognized by a lot of Christans.

As a result of advancement in technology, people barely carry Bibles to church.

Though some Christians find it very worrisome. Others feel it’s a choice and new development that should be embraced by all irrespective of the demerits accompanied with it.

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Currently, it’s no news seeing someone going to church without a Bible.

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That’s how technological advancement has moved things into a highly technological setting. Though the introduction of the new King James version of the Bible has been made available on various mobile phones.

There are some individuals who still find it difficult to get access to memory verses due to their inability to go through the process required for the downloading the Bible app.

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In this article, we will be looking at some of the smartest and most convenient ways of getting a King James version Bible download on your phone.

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If you are an Apple iPhone user, then the fastest way to download the app is by moving to your Apple store platform to get downloaded.

After downloading, it will take some time to load all memory verses to help you get access to all the memory verses from both the new testament and the old testament of the Bible.

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Similarly, if you are Android user, then yours is to switch your screen display to your Playstore app, search for King James Bible at the search space provided above.

After your search, you should be seeing a number of Bible versions that are also similar to the new King James version Bible.

As part of your desire to download the King James version, download that particular app and wait till the application loads successfully before you start accessing the app to get your memory verses.


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