Kufuor’s Government Wanted To Ja!l Me At All Cost – Tsatsu Tsikata


Kufuor’s Government Wanted To Ja!l Me At All Cost – Tsatsu Tsikata

Tsatsu Tsikata, the former Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana National Petroleum Commission (GNPC) says he was not surprised by the efforts of the Kufuor government to have him jailed.

According to him, right from the onset, there was a plot to undo the gains made by the Rawlings administration in the oil and gas sector.

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He indicated that, because he served as the head of the commission, he knew his persecution was only a matter of time.

Speaking in an interview sighted by Tapnewsgh, Tsatsu stated that there was a ‘determination’ by the Kufuor government to find fault with how Rawlings had handled the GNPC, and he knew it would come down to him.

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He indicated that he could see by the beginning of 2001 that, by hook or crook the ruling government would find something against him. He made it clear that was what led to all those interesting cases against him.


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