Kwaw Kesse Rains Insults On Homo$exuals, LGBTQI Advocates


Kwaw Kesse Rains Insults On Homo$exuals, LGBTQI Advocates

Ghanaian musician Kwaw Kesse has added his voice to the current brouhaha concerning the recognition of Bisexual Transgender, and queer Intersex Rights (LGBTQI) who recently established an office in the capital city of Ghana.

The “Oye Non$ense” hitmaker descended heavily on Homo$exuals describing them as stupid as he can’t phantom as to why they will decide to opt for the human anu$ while there is so much pleasure in [email protected]!na.

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There seems to be a division among Ghanaian Celebrities about the issue of Bis£xual Transgender, and que€r Inters£x Rights (LGBTQI) getting a recognition in Ghana.

Clearly, most Ghanaian Celebrities are against the initiative.

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However, there are a few celebrities who believe the Lesbian Bisexual Transgender, and queer Intersex Rights (LGBTQI) should be giving the necessary recognition and support in Ghana.

The top-rated musician rather thinks it is absolute foolishness and stupidity at the highest level for a person to have s3xual int£rcour$e with the same sex.

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Kwaw Kesse wrote on Twitter that he cannot understand why an individual will do that, by opting to have sex through the anu$ of another man. He made it clear that, it is a stupid and senseless act.

“3tw3 d3d33d3 wo se wobedi trumu. Y3nsaen ngyegye wo so, ah gyimi sei” He posted on Twitter.


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