[email protected]!$m Is Harmless, They Should Arrest The Rest – Rapper Obibini Shares His Opinion


[email protected]!$m Is Harmless, They Should Arrest The Rest – Rapper Obibini Shares His Opinion

Zylofone media signee Obibini has added his to voice to the LGBTQ! Issue.

Speaking in an interview monitored by Tapnewsgh, the rapper stated clearly that, females who enter into relationships with their fellow ladies should be allowed to enjoy themselves.

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To him only lesbianism should be endorsed by the Government.

The rest of the LGBTQ! fraternity, that is [email protected], bis£[email protected], qu££r and others should not be permitted in the country.

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He is not in support of the LGBTQ!’s s£[email protected] [email protected] except l£[email protected]!sm.

We have seen so many celebrities speak against the situation or in favor of the case of LGBTQ!.

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However, none of them have sided with one particular group like Obibini has done.

We have seen the likes of Pappy Kojo joining the debate and getting so many people either bashing them or supporting their opinion.

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Is he trying to get attention from the public by saying this, or he is actually telling Ghanaians what he actually feels will be best for the country?

With his current assertion and stand on the situation, how many fans do you think will side with him?

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What do you think about his assertion?


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