Lion Teaches Man Who Tried To Make Fun Of Its Bitting Abilities A B!tter Lesson (Watch Video)


Lions are obviously wide animals who don’t take little play as hilarious as domestic animals. Well, in the case of a man who decided to domesticate a lion by trying to fondle with it at the Jamaican zoo, the experience wasn’t a pleasant one at all.

While trying to get playful with the lion’s placing his fingers through the cage of the observing lion he had an unfortunate situation he would never forget.

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As she tried pulling his finger out of a distance close to lion’s mouth, the animal with extreme agitation bit off his anger.

To the utmost surprise of visitors close to the man in question, they stood in total astonishment as they witnessed the man’s fingered torn apart by the sharp teeth of the lion.

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Due to the outlook and wild scenes identified in the said video, it couldn’t be posted here. However, you can log on to the official Instagram page of “” to catch a glimpse of how the unfortunate event went down between the zoo attendant and the agitated lion.


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