Lotto Prediction For Today; Hot Numbers, Winning Numbers, Best Permutations


Since today marks the first Friday of the month of November, there is the likelihood of having a large of lotto gamers winning lots of money for the later parts of the week and the year as well.

Information on lotto results for today will be made public later in the day. However, lucky and best numbers for permutation is usually released by both lotto forecasters and the National Lottery Authority (NLA).

This is usually done to give gamers a clue on what to expect after the actual draw is completed in the evening.

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Ever since lotto was introduced, Saturday has been recognized as the day set aside for the main lottery draw. Aside Saturday, weekdays are also considered during the draw process and have been added to the draw days.

With today being a Friday, most gamers will be focusing on getting some of the best pairs for their permutations and best bankers as well as their possible winning numbers.

Per observations made on several lottery platforms, the most likely set of numbers to be drawn include the 13-10-19-55-38 and 17.

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However, the most likely Two-sure perm could be 10 and 5.

Looking at the predictions made, the most likely machine numbers to be drawn from today’s selection are 49-17-38-30 and 37.

For two-sure permutations, the numbers 49 and 17 will certainly be part of the hot numbers, that is numbers certain to be drawn by the NLA.

For best two-sure and best bankers, there is a high possibility we may see the number 10-10 for two-sure permutations and a single 10 for best bankers.

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Looking at the numbers selected to be drawn, we can draw a conclusion on the large number of random numbers to be selected by the NLA.

For hot numbers, it is obvious numbers like 33-39-29 and 14 will be included in the list of numbers.

However, numbers like 52-56-71-72 and 68 could emerge as the cold numbers for today’s draw which is still yet to be made by the NLA.


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