Mad Woman Gives Birth To a beautiful baby girl -See Photos


An alleged mad lady who gives birth all alone has got a lot of people thanking and praising God for such a miracle done in the life of someone who is said to have lost her memory. The photos from the scene which was shared by a facebook user has tend to surprise many people especially the women taking into consideration the difficulties associated with child birth even with the help of mid-wives or health experts.

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Indeed God is so wonderful that humans sometimes find it very difficult to understand his doings or makings. Sometimes some of these miracles done by God become unbelievable to a lot of people simply because they are not eye witnesses to them but God is God and nothing can be taken away from him as far wonders and miracles are concerned.

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Child birth which is also known as labour and delivery is the ending of pregnancy where one or more babies leave the womb by passing through the birth canal or by caesarean section. Many ladies reading this article will bare me witness the amount of pains involved when giving birth even with the help of health professionals. Even right from the on set of labour involves some amount of pains regardless of the one involved when the child is coming out of the birth canal. Yes indeed mothers all around the world need to be applauded for this massive effort.

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