Mahama needs mental check up- Psychiatrist alleged


Hustle and bustle, up and down, from office to the home, indeed puts stress on the mind. Political activities is coming up and former President John Dramani Mahama has started going round the country

I will like to humbly remember him of an important advise given to him by the then Chief Psychiatrist of the Ghana Health Service to undergo mental check up at least to keep his mental health safe.

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Dr…. indicated that his advise did not mean the former president had any mental challenges but it shouldn’t be the case that we see symptoms before visiting the psychiatrist.

He wanted him to add it to his monthly routine in order to remain smart for his task.

Remembering what the Doctor said vividly , he said

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“It’s very crucial for the whole country, the government is the executive of the country and the government is made up of people and for every single individual, your mind is the chief executive of your body. Therefore it means the mind of the President is the chief executive of not only his own body but the whole country and that becomes doubly crucial,” Dr. Osei told Kumasi-based Ultimate FM.

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He then recommended that the President set the pace for others to follow.


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