Man Takes Back TV Set And Decoder He Bought For His Girlfriend After Breakup (Watch Video)


Man Takes Back TV Set And Decoder He Bought For His Girlfriend After Breakup (Watch Video)

In relationships, there are so many times that there are slight misunderstandings. These grudges are settled amicably by either the guy or the female lover, as time goes on.

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When things get out of hands, there is the emergence of a breakup along the line.

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One of such breakups has happened, and the aftereffect has led to something very unusual.

Netizens have witnessed a high level of dramatic demonstration, as a guy is identified in a video doing something that barely happens after a breakup.

The guy was seen taking back stuffs he bought for her Ex-Lover when they were dating.

This video upon landing on online platforms, has attracted numerous reactions from netizens, leading to an unending expression of interest in the matter.

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In the viral video, a young man is identified taking back his Television set and its decoder from her Ex-Lover.

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Looking at how the guy took back the things, they are belongings he bought for his estranged girlfriend, when they were in a relationship.

The guy has decided to end everything amicably by going back for his stuffs since the relationship no longer holds.

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In the viral video, the estranged lady tried as much as possible to plead with the guy not to leave with the TV and decoder.

Divergent to her plight, the guy didn’t listen to any apologies. He paid deaf ears to the apology rendered by the lady, and took his TV set and decoder away.

Watch the viral video below, to witness the dramatic display that is causing massive stir online.



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