Meduma is a very popular town in the Greater Kumasi region. It is located in the Adansi North district. The district forms part of twenty-seven districts in the Greater Kumasi region.

Arguably, we can say Meduma is one of the most urbarnized communities in Kumasi.

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In today’s article, we will looking at some popular landmarks and sites located at Meduma. In addition to this, I will be providing readers with real-time directions to Meduma.

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One popular basic school that has gained a high level of popularity in the community is the Meduma Christ Children International School. Till now, it is regarded the one of most expensive schools in the town.

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Aside this educational institution, there is the Meduma Clinic and Maternity Home. It is a popular health facility located at Meduma. The hospital is located at plot 32 close to Block A.

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For personal contact, you can call 0204603600.

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Meduma is also home to the Meduma Estate, one of the newest estates in Kumasi.

If you are staying at Kumasi, then you are likely to reach within forty-five minutes to one hour. The distance from Kumasi to Meduma is 43 kilometers.

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However, there is likelihood you would spend less time if you are moving from Tafo, Adom or Kenyasi.


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