Meet Chogtaa The Ghanaian Child Born With Blue Eyes


Meet Chogtaa The Ghanaian Child Born With Blue Eyes

A little girl by the name of Chogtaa is a 21-month-old girl who lives in the Northern Region. She was born with blue eyes and minor hearing loss.

Something many Ghanaians will attribute it as a curse or call it others unpalatable names.

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Being born with blue eyes is a rare genetic disorder called Waardenburg Syndrome that comes with varying degrees of deafness, minor body defects, and pigmentation changes.

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The mother of this girl has spoken for the first time about the stigmatization of her child’s defect.

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“We are bombarded with negative remarks from family and community who believed Chogta, her daughter, was cursed while her playmates branded her a doll,” she said.

In addition to her daughter’s anguish which is a hearing loss, according to the mother looks to fund or support for surgery to commence.

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She’s therefore neither a witch nor cursed nor a doll.

Ideally, she’s not the only child born with blue eyes. It’s common around the globe.

Any form of stigmatization should be halted as continual repetitions of such behavior disheartens the mother and child.


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