Meet The 4 African Teenagers Who Generated Electricity From Urine


It all started after a 14-year-old boy named Duro-Aina Adebola read an article about a family of five who lost their lives after constant inhalation of carbon monoxide fumes from a generator.

Devastated by the tragic in incident, Adebola thought deeply about how he could shield people from a similar situation hence and she took the decision to find another source of electricity supply that wouldn’t emit carbon monoxide fumes.

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In light of her quest to become an innovator, she bounced off this amazing idea with her three friends who were hilariously identified as the “fantastic four”.

They went to inform their science teacher, Olaide Lawal about their decision to manufacture an hour electricity from a liter of urine, an idea their science teacher stated was possible.

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They then reconfigured their petrol-based generator and carried out their first experiment but they faced another huge problem as the cell exploded.

This unfortunate event drew the attention of their teacher to the fact that the hydrogen gas used constantly returned to the cell hence the need to one-way halves into the pipes to ensure the gas mixture flows in one direction which worked to perfection.

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After that successful innovation, the team presented their newly introduced machine which gained recognition at the Maker Faire Africa Award festival.


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