Meet The Only Female Ruler Who Can Travel To Any Country Without A Passport


Over the past few years, the passport has been accepted as the only legitimate means through which an individual can travel abroad.

In Ghana, the government is planning on introducing the Ghana card is an alternative or a possible means for travelling abroad.

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We all know even the President of Ghana needs a passport before he can travel to a foreign land.

Almost every President is mandated to use a passport to travel outside his or her country. The case is however different in one particular country.

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There is one particular ruler in this world who needs no passport to travel outside her country. Her name is Queen Elizabeth II.

He is the Queen and ruler of the United Kingdom, London. According to information gathered by Tapnewsgh, the Queen does not need a passport because all passports are issued in the name of Her Majesty.

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This makes it irrelevant for her to possess a passport when traveling abroad. I bet you had no idea about this right?

Well, now you know. Queen Elizabeth II is the only ruler who needs no passport to travel abroad.


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