Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Sends An Important Notice To All Ghanaian Youth


Currently, young and active men and women of this country are facing a lot of challenges with respect to finding a lucrative business to do after school.

As a result of the massive increase in unemployment and the inability of graduates to get jobs, some individuals have devised numerous means from which they can survive. These people do not care whether the channel for survival is legitimate or against the laws of the country.

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For some time now, a high number of teaming youth have become victims of fraudulent traps initiated by fraudsters and in the process, they have lost huge sums of money without noticing.

This emergence has called for concerns to bring these scammers to order, to prevent them from causing further havoc to these innocent people.

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In agreement to this, the ministry of foreign affairs and regional integration has released a statement in relation to a fraudulent support initiative known as the Youth Enterprise Support Initiative 2021.

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The main aim of this illegal initiative is to give people the impression that, the state is providing financial aid to the youth through registration with a supposed link.

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According to a statement endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this illegal notice should be disregarded. The ministry also indicated that it has nothing to do with them, as being perpetuated by the fraudsters.

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Every individual who is of active working age is hereby advised to be extremely cautious about the kind of information received from organizations who provide information concerning employment opportunities.

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I will encourage anybody reading this article to get others informed by sharing to other media platforms, to save people from being duped.


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