My Boyfriend Made Me cook, Wash And Clean his Place. Not knowing I was doing it for another girl



Lady recounts her boyfriend made her cook, clean his place, not knowing she was doing it for another girl

A young lady who gave her name simply as Kate has revealed how her former boyfriend took advantage of the immense she has for him and brutally exploited her.

During a street chat conducted by a content creator, the lady girl who was with her friend during the interview revealed how her man made her do all sorts of chores for him only to discover that another lady in the guy’s life was the direct beneficiary.

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Kate narrated how she visited her boyfriend two days ago and he asked her to wash the plates, clean the room and even wash his bedsheets.

She returned the next day to find the other lady lying on his bed obviously after sexual intercourse and the scenario stunned her greatly.

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Kate shared this unfortunate news of her life when she and her friend cheat most in a relationship between men and women.

Watch the video below;


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