My Church Members Will not give offering again: Bishop Obinim


Bishop Daniel Obinim has announced that his church members are no longer required to contribute to the offertory at church since he has opted not to accept contributions again.

In a previous post, Bishop Obinim said he fired 72 of his pastors because he was spending more on them without seeing any results. Now, he has revealed that he will no longer accept offerings in any of his churches across the nation.

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After the service, we just contribute whatever is from our hearts to support God’s work so they can have money to pay for energy and water bills, among other tiny things. This is because, in his opinion, no church member of his is any longer required to provide offerings

Some online users say Bishop Obinim is using this tactic to promote himself and recruit more churchgoers, while others argue that doing away with the offertory is not the best move because everyone will know how much money is being given to assist God’s work.

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Video below;


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