My Husband Has Sl€pt With All The Women In Our Church – Wife Of Popular Ghanaian Pastor Reveals; See Full Story


On confessions with Ms Nancy, a Pastor’s wife appeared to seek advice on a situation about her husband’s act of sexual infidelity.

According to the woman who gave an identity as “Osofo Madame”, her husband has been using his office as a den for s£[email protected] relations with women who fellowship in the church he preaches at.

She revealed that she is married to a widely known Pastor who is not only recognized in Ghana but across the continent.

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Explaining further, the Osofo Maame confessed that she doesn’t know when her husband desire to lust for women in the church began. However, she believes the behavior exhibited by her husband has existed for a very long time.

During her narration, she stated that they have been holding counselling sessions usually on Mondays and Wednesdays. She reiterated that, it was during these counseling sessions that her husband stated that he prefers administering the session privately.

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She went on to say that she never found anything fishy with what his husband’s decision to hold the session privately until she got hold of his phone and saw that he had numerous ladies he has been having s€[email protected] int€rc0urse with in his office.

The Osofo Maame further narrated that from the messages she saw on her husband’s phone, he has sl€pt with almost all the women in the church.

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Per her narration, her husband sl€€ps with underaged girls including her goddaughter but he is not remorseful whenever he is confronted about his infidel behavior.


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