NSMQ 2022: St. Thomas Aquinas Qualifies For 1/8 Stage As Highest Scorers Of The Day; See Score Margin


The boys from cantonment were completely flamboyant in today’s contest against Eguafo Abrem and Pong-Tamale senior high school.

The contest began with St. Thomas Aquinas leading right from the first round till the competition was all over. Though they lost in the third round after Eguafo Abrem garnered a perfect 10/10 score, they still managed to maintain the lead bring their overall score to an 85 point mark as Eguafo Abrem’s 23 point mark with Pong-Tamale senior high school placing third with one point.

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The impressive score indicates they are highest scoring school for the first set of contests.

It also means they have successfully made it to the one-eighth stage of the competition with an amazing score to progress with.


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