One time playman takes over beyou comedy as Akete is nowhere to be found


Ghana movie industry is currently in the mud as comedy takes over. Gone are the days when movie was booming but now, the industry is sinking, luckily, comedy has taken over now. All the social media platforms are booming with comedy skits, especially on facebook and Youtube. One of the top comedy skits makers in the industry currently is beyou comedy, a kumasi based comedians. Beyou is the founder and has recruited young and talented kids, that are all females.

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The current recruit who has joined the team is called One time playman, a very young girl who is very talented and speaks eloquently. She is making waves in the comedy industry although she joined less than three months ago. She is loved by so many people because of how eloquent she speaks, she looks very confident when acting that is making her go far

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Well, there a laten proverb that says, “facta non verba” meaning action not words, in view of that i want you to watch her latest video with Esi Kokotii and see it for yourself

Please kindly watch the video below



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