‘Original’ Papa Ajasco Resurfaces Online After D£ath Rumors About Him Fl00ded The Internet; This Is What He Had To Say


Abiodun Ayoyinka popularly known as Papa Ajasco has finally come out to debunk d€@th rumors about him stating emphatically that he is not dead as news portray.

In a recent disclosure made by the entertainer and comedian, he made it clear that the information was actually a mixup and a misrepresentation of Femi Ogunrombi, a cast in the Papa Ajasco who was used a replacement for the original character in the comic movie.

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After the unfortunate demise of Papa Ajasco’s replacement in the comic movie, many have been posting the original character with captions he is d€@d.

In light of this fast spreading rumor, the original Papa Ajasco posted a video to clarify the mixup while laying emphasis on the fact that he is still alive and k!ck!ng.

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