Over 400,000 Ghanaians Placed On HIV Medication- Former HIV/AIDS Ambassador


Former HIV/AIDS Ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has made a startling revelation to the effect that there are almost 400,000 Ghanaians that have been placed on HIV medication.

She also notes that there are thousands of Ghanaians who are walking around who do not have any idea about their HIV status; as to whether they have contracted the HIV virus or not.

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According to Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, for fear of rejection , people with HIV/AIDS continue to hide their status in order to continue with their beautiful relationships with family and friends .

She stated that the people who do not know their HIV status are the same people we have as boyfriends and girlfriends that we sleep with and have fun with as well .

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This makes the issue of HIV /AIDS and it’s spread a really a scary one. Joyce Dzidzor Mensah further reiterated that perhaps, she is the only one living with HIV.


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