Pastor commits su’cide over br0ken heart

Reports reaching us this afternoon is that a Ghanaian pastor and and Evangelist have allegedly commits sui.cide over divorce.

The founder and leader of Jesus healing prayer camp at kasoa, have reported death by a close friend. According to reports, his wife have divorce him some months ago, due to that he commits sui.cide over a broken heart.

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A ghanaian pastor and Evangelist identified as Peter committed the act on Wednesday night after some of his church members went to visit him for prayers. According to the reports we are getting, the church members who went to visit their pastor for prayer and found their pastor dead in an uncompleted building

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This is so sad, this thing called broken heart can indeed cause some problems, a whole pastor could commit suicide over broken heart how much more , we the church members. Funny but sad

Our condolence to the family and friends


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