Petrol One Gallon Price In Ghana


In recent years, the price of crude oil has been rising at a very high rate. Some have blamed the rapid increase of prices on the current leadership of the government.

Though the economic situation of a country can have a massive influence on how prices should be increased, it’s not usually the fault of the government.

Sometimes, the exploitation of crude oil also contributes a lot to the amount a country purchases or sells crude oil to customers.

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In Ghana, it’s quite observable that anytime prices of crude oil increases, there is a corresponding shift in the price of all commodities across the country.

Sometimes, it goes as far as affecting the price of sachet water sold on the market. One may ask why it’s so.

This is because crude oil is one of the major contributors to the per capita income of workers and a major determinant to the revenue and deduction government must ascertain before every quarter of the year.

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For sometime now, drivers have taken the decision to go on a nationwide str!ke as a result of the hike in prices of crude oil.

Though government seem to be working on the situation since the str!ke has been called off, it’s still a major cause for discussion in the country.

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In relation to this a lot of may be wondering how much a gallon of petrol costs in Ghana.

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Well, from the latest price list released by government, a full large sized gallon of petrol is fixed at $50 which is approximately Ghc300 in the Ghanaian currency.


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