Photos+Video: Meet The Proud Lê$b!an Twins Who Have Been Married To Each Other Since Childhood


Usually but not a usual thing, we see ladies who are legally married and have decided to stay loyal to each other as le$b!an partners.

Though this is usually observed in the western world, the situation is different in Africa and most Arabian countries because their tradition and religious ethics frowns on such acts.

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In a recent video monitored by Tapnewsgh, we chanced on two non-identical twin sisters who have decided to stay emotionally and s€[email protected] attached to each other till death.

The said twin sister are l£$b!ans who are reportedly married for as long as one can think of and the situation doesn’t look unusual to them at all.

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Take a look at a video of these l£sb!ans and tell us what you think.


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