Prophet Nigel Gaise Says If You Were Between 1980-1998 You Are Growing So Learn S£nce


Prophet Nigel Gaise is the founder and overseer of the prophetic Hill Chapel. Prophet Nigel Gaise has caused stir on social media after making the following Statements

If you were born between 1980-1998!!

You are getting old,so don’t be *stupid* in 2021.

You need to:

1. Start a business, get a job or acquire a skill, if you don’t have one

2. Filter your current friends and make more business partners.

3. Start saving a part of your income and invest it (not in MMM or shitty investment schemes, but buy a land, shares, bond, do partnerships etc)

4.Stop clubbing every weekend.. Stay indoors sometimes and read a book or 2.

5. Ladies, stop waiting for a prince charming to come to your rescue (Disney & Hollywood lied to us) you should know that by now.

6. Stop dating anybody you doesn’t have a future and still stays with the parents or family house.

7. Guys, stop honoring every single invitation to hang out to drink and flex with chics.

8. Start sending money back home (your parents will be so proud)

9. Stop squatting around with friends, get your own apartment.

10. Stop caring about what people have to say about you or any decision you take about your life…

11. Have goals you must achieve for the year instead of making senseless ‘New year resolutions’

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12. Use the same energy you exert in fighting for your favorite celebrity online and convert it to bettering yourself, you won’t regret it.

13. Join WhatsApp & Facebook groups that will enhance your thinking capacity and also network with awesome people.

14. Download free videos, ebooks, and articles that will boost your business and develop your capacity instead of watching worthless clips with your data.

15. Stop disgracing yourself on every giveaway page, create an income source for yourself.

16. Remember, 2021 wouldn’t be different from other years by merely screaming endless ‘Amens’ everywhere. You need to put in work to get RESULTS.

17.Stop having sex without condoms or at best abstain because your health is your wealth.

18.Always go to church but most importantly get very close to Jesus Christ

19.Always dare to be different and push harder for higher heights.

20.Have a personal prophet in your life.


22.Cut down friendship, I say cut down yooo**

23.Dont trust judges and lawyers,they have always being biases if you doubt me kindly ask John the Baptist and Zacchaeus.

24.To every home,there is a judas and a Joseph.Be the Joseph not the judas

25.Dont accept gifts from any man,you don’t love because some gifts are tokens of destruction or the locus center for our enemies to have access into our future

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26.deny yourself of lots of goodies for a better future.Get dirty for now and stay clean for a glorious future.Thats to say,put your hands and young energies to work.Some of you are fooling too much. a land instead of a car….

28.Dont sleep or date any lady /guy who hasn’t added value to herself/himself.Think and plan deeply about your future.

29.Dont marry because they u said you should.kindly marry because intrinsically,you are ready and please marry your friend…I repeat marry your friend.

30.Always watch your back,Generals don’t leave a TRACE.

31.Dont follow the negative trends of the day,dont follow the flash things of today….IT WILL FADE AWAY.CHASE YOUR DREAMS AND ASPIRATIONS

32.Be bold and confident about your future….regardless of your background…YOU CAN BE RELEVANT AND PULL THROUGH *

33.Listen to good counsel,sit back and reflect about the lives of your family members.Please if you are happy about their lives,kindly just live as they lived if not kindly live opposite how they lived.Get this thus there is notting and absolutely nothing magically or juju and to even be fair magic and juju will still be hard work….so I repeat at your age,WORK HARD…LET SLEEP AND SLUMBERING BE YOUR ENEMY NOW….YOU WILL SLEEP MORE AFTEE 80YRS.

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34.Dont hire your family members or friends in your new company or business….build it with outsiders whom you can arrest and discipline till the business becomes solidly established.Relatives will collapse it and later insult you at your back that you are or were a FAILURE.

35.Have zero tolerance for poverty or values that makes one poor.I tell you poverty is a chronic disease

35.Dont kiss anyhow,some tongues are snales and path of destruction, ask Jesus Christ.

36.Avoid eatin at where lots of people love to eat ,avoid sitting on public chairs if you are not solidly a praying person.

37.Dont always answer people when they ask you questions, some of your answers are *a leading for them to work negatively against you*

38.There is no love in this world,so the few that genuinely loves you.Kindky don’t take them for them BACK.

39.At 35,if you havnt married,havnt travel outside Africa before,havnt bought or build a House,havnt made an investment then am sorry you are on the path of collosual failure.

40.Be humble to learn from men and women who have evidence…….LIFE IS ALL ABOUT JESUS CHRIST AND PHYSICALLY EVIDENCE….God bless and show you mercies*

35.Dont talk about people, focus and invest in positivity.

Note: This is an advice to everyone who cares to listen, including Nigel.


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