Prudential Bank Ghana: Headquarters, Subsidiaries, Branches, Investment Services, Contact Center


In Ghana, there are numerous banks that either operate as fully functional government financial institutions or privately owned banks.

Banks that operate under the government usually have some form of coverage in case of wine down or bankruptcy. However, banks that operate under the supervision of a group of private individuals have high level of risk in case of bankruptcy.

Though privately owned banks are subject to more loss than government owned banks, the privately owned types of banks are more common in Ghana than those operating under the government of Ghana.

In view of this factuality, let’s take a look at one of the most revered financial institutions that has gradually been recognized among the best banks in Ghana.

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Prudential Bank Limited is the bank I am talking about. It is widely known private commercial bank in Ghana that has the Central Bank of Ghana as its national regulator in order words it was officially licenced under the Bank of Ghana.

The well known bank was incorporated in the year 1993. However, it was officially opened for business purpose and banking service provision in 1996.

After it was established in 1996, the first branch of the bank was built in the Greater Accra region of Ghana and headquartered in Accra.

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In case you are in Accra and you want to get to the main office to transact business with them, the Prudential Bank head office can be located at the 8 John Hammond Street along the Ring Road Central, Kand Road.

Prudential Bank is widely known as a medium-sized bank that specializes in satisfying the bank needs of bank customers who operate small and medium-sized businesses.

As far back as the year 2016, Prudential Bank had three major subsidiaries namely the Prudential Properties Limited, the Prudential Securities Limited and the Prudential Bank Stockbrokers Limited.

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As we speak, Prudential Bank has 43 main branches with 2 agencies operating under their supervision and administration.

Below is a list of some of these branches;

  • Prudential Bank Limited (PBL) Abeka Branch, Accra
  • PBL Aboabo Branch, Kumasi
  • PBL Abossey Okai Branch, Accra
  • PBL Accra Branch
  • PBL Adenta Branch, Accra
  • PBL Afful Nkwanta Branch, Kumasi
  • PBL Atonsu Branch, Kumasi
  • PBL Cape Coast Branch
  • PBL East Legon Branch, East Legon
  • PBL Gicel Branch, Accra
  • PBL Adum Branch, Kumasi
  • PBL Kumasi Main Branch
  • PBL Mataheko Branch, Accra
  • PBL Odorkor Branch, Accra
  • PBL Spintex Road Branch, Accra
  • PBL Takoradi Harbour Branch, Takoradi


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