Queen Patricia Beats Pamela Odame On The “Nufuo Nu” Challenge (Watch Video)


Queen Patricia Beats Pamela Odame On The “Nufuo Nu” Challenge (Watch Video)

Queen Patricia is a new talent in the entertainment industry, who will be taking over the title, when it comes to the lady with the biggest “watermelons” in Ghana.

She will be taking over the mantle from popular actress Pamela Watara, also known as Pamela Odame.

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The Ghanaian video vixen has indicated that, it’s her time to make it big like Pamela Odame Watara, since she has had her time of fame before.

Speaking on a television show, Queen Patricia said, she felt it hilarious when Ghanaians raved about the “goodies” of Pamela Odame because, her “watermelons” were bigger than that of Pamela.

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Queen Patricia said she wasn’t that active on social media then, so many social media users barely knew her. She indicated Pamela has enjoyed her time at fame, and it’s her turn now.

She added that, she wasn’t proud of her physical appearance because, guys scream at her when she walks in town.

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Below is a link to watch the full interview of Queen Patricia.



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