Reopening Date For SHS 1 Gold Track 2021


Senior high school has seen a major swift as far as administration and the style of curriculum schedules are executed in recent times.

Gone are days when students used to have a fair idea on when they will be reporting back to school in order to get ready for at least a few weeks till the actual date.

Things have certainly change with regards to reopening schedules for not only senior high schools but spanning from the basic level to the topmost level of second cycle institutions.

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As we speak, students are left with no option than to wait for authorization on when school officially resumes before they are allowed to prepare to get back to school after an academic calendar has ended.

One may be wondering how this sudden twist in schedule for reopening dates suddenly came into existence.

Well, the answer is simple. The sudden introduction of the classified system of senior high school admission in class led to the inception of a diversified system of school reopening.

In view of the government’s aim to introduce the shift running system that was only observed at the basic level to the senior high school level, the government Introduced a new style of admission where students are classified into the gold and green track system.

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In relation to this fact, academic schedules and tenure for tuition and learning suddenly switched to the partitioned type.

Under this new initiative, students who have been classified under the gold track will be required to move in for lessons to begin first after which their colleagues categorized under the green track system will be required to report for the following semester to begin for them.

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In view of this, the Ghana Education Service after consulting the Conference Of Heads Of Assisted Secondary Schools came out with a reopening date for the SHS 1 gold track group of students to report for the upcoming academic.

After intense deliberation, the final reopening date that was agreed on was January 5th 2022 which happens to be the first Wednesday of the year 2022.


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