Sad News: Police Officer Dies In A Gory Accident ( Watch video)


An Accident is one of the most terrible cases confronting Ghanaian. Various accidents have been recorded on various roads in Ghana.

These days, it looks as if accidents Is getting out of hands. A lot of cases has been noted to be the cause of the accident. Notable among them is Over speeding, overtaking, overloading, careless driving and inability to adhere to simple road safety measures.

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According to the information, a policeman is confirmed dead in a gory accident as he journey to a place.

The policeman had an encounter with a gang of armed robbers and the gang of armed robbers killed the policeman. They took away some Little money in possession of the policeman as well as his gun.

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The Armed robbers shot the police officer at Adansi Fomena road, Made away all the money in the van plus one AK 47 rifle.

The accident is noted to have occurred in Adansi Fomena in Ghana.


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