Salaries Of Government Workers In Ghana(2021/2022)


Over the past few years, people have wondered how much money civil servants take after a long days work.

Graduates who intend to venture into the public sector of work, conduct surveys on how much their monthly payments will be if they start work.

Recent Information gathered by Tapnewsgh indicates the government of Ghana has increased public sector worker’s salary.

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After organized labor had proposed 15% for both years and subsequently coming down to 10% for 2022/2023, the Government of Ghana insisted on an earlier proposal of 4%/7% for 2022/2023.

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Consequently, the government increased the salary of employees. The recent 12.5% increase would at least cushion teachers salaries with the inclusion of the professional development allowance.

Organized labor after some deliberations on the issues raised by government side has accepted the proposal of 4% and 7% for the 2022 and 2023 respectively under the following conditions.

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That the agreement takes effect from January 1 2021 with arrear payment spread as follows;

1. 1 year arrear payment added on to August, September, October, November and 2 months arrears on December 2021 making the 6 months arrears.

2. That there will be no retrenchment during the period.

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3. That government should continue to recruit in the public sector.

4. That the government ensures vaccines are made available for public sector workers.

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5. That government ensures full payment of Tier2 pension.

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For Ghana Government Workers salary, salary ranges from GHS1,280 to GHS22,600 actual maximum salary in Ghana.

As for Midwife Nurses, salary ranges from GHS2,330 to GHS6,680 which is the average monthly salary including housing, transport and other benefits.

A person working as a degree teacher, earns from GHS1,800 to GHS2,500. The stated salary depends on the qualification of the teacher in question.


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