Sarkodie Pleads On Behalf Of Akuapem Poloo


Sarkodie Pleads On Behalf Of Akuapem Poloo

The Twitter circle is hot and tensions are rising. The situation has to do with one of Ghana’s most popular social media activist who goes by the name ‘Akuapem Poloo’.

The female celebrity has gotten herself into some serious trouble with the law, and so many Ghanaians are not happy with the outcome of her verdict.

It was recognized sometime ago that, Akuapem Poloo posted an unpleasant photo of herself together with her son.

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The picture was one that wasn’t supposed to be posted to the public looking at its nature.

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So many Ghanaians spoke against it and at a moment when we thought it was all in the past, the law has taken its decision on the situation.

Akuapem Poloo was brought to court a few hours ago and her verdict was that, she has to go to prison to serve as a deterrence to others.

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Some netizens have spoken against the situation and pleaded on the celebrity’s behalf.

Efya the female celebrity was one of the few female celebrities who stood against the Court’s decision.

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A few minutes ago, Sarkodie also added his voice to plead on behalf of Akuapem Poloo, looking at the situation she has gotten herself into at this time of her life.

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The Twitter post by Sarkodie read “I think it’s a little harsh to separate a mum from her son just because of a picture taken. Would want to plead with the law to pardon our sister.”

From the look of Sarkodie’s plea, the celebrity rapper feels the pain of Akuapem Poloo and has decided to step in and plead on behalf of the celebrity since she is a mother and her son is not that grown to go through such a tough experience.

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At the moment, she is the trending topic on Twitter and so many celebrities and Ghanaians are pleading for her freedom.

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What do you think about Sarkodie’s plea?

Is the law going to consider his personality to amend the sanction given to Akuapem Poloo?


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