She has been finally, The girl who doesn’t eat for over 10 years.


All people are being made equally, yet the majority are being brought into the world because of their health issues, while some grow up to build up certain sickness or health issues, which they were not born into the world with.

Salma Bashir, who was five years of age when she got her intestine took off her body, Salma Bashir and her family was on vacation in Alexandria, Egypt, when she sat on a pool’s attractions valve.

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As per reports, the power she applied while setting on the attractions valve was solid to such an extent that it teared off her digestion tracts from her body. What’s more, they need to fly back to the US for her medical processes. Tragically, she couldn’t eat for more than 10 years, since her digestive organs were torn out of her body, yet she just gets supplements through a taking care of cylinder.

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However, she presently bites food and she likewise feels hungry as well, yet she currently has a plastic sack, where the byproducts from her body go into, look at what she looks like currently, photographs from her Instagram account where she has about. 83k devotees.

Also, she is presently a make up artist.

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